Meet Alex

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Alex CoronaFÜMA Stylist
In 2005 Alex Corona’s career started in beautiful La Jolla California. That’s where he perfected his craft learning from a great team of stylists and was inspired by the relaxed beach community he lived and worked in. He later became a color educator for L’Oreal professional and owner of Mary Jane Salon in Hillcrest San Diego.

His style and expertise have earned him respect among his peers and clients as he’s always striving to improve his skills and craft. Alex has traveled the world and gathered inspiration from all of his experiences. Now in Hollywood, Alex is motivated and excited to build new relationships and excel as an artist in his new home.

If you want a professional all around stylist, Alex is the artist for you. His specialty’s include Balayage, Ombre, tape in hair extenstions and layered haircuts.

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