It is a common misconception that ombre color is an easy look to achieve. Ombre refers to hair color fading from light to dark or vice versa and it is quite an advanced technique. A successful ombre should have beautifully graduated tones and no sharp lines.

Recently our stylist Jessica encountered a client with an ombre hair disaster! Check out the techniques Jessica used to lessen the stark contrast between the tones and to give her client the look she had originally been hoping for.

Jessica to the Rescue!

Linda needed instant TLC. She was very unhappy (with good cause) about the “ombre” she had received the day before.

When she came in, she described her hair as “butchered” – and it was hard to disagree. Her appointment the day before left her with complete disconnection from root to end.

Here’s how Jessica handled it:

“Beginning in the back I used the back combing technique to blend roots and ends. I mixed 7-1 Schwarzkopf with 20 vol. Applied 1/2 in – 1 inch off scalp to correct previous overlapping.”

“Next I followed that with Schwarzkopf Blonde Me9+ with 10 vol. to brighten and blend. Making sure each section was completely saturated, I worked from bottom to top and then continued the same process on both sides.”

“Once complete and processed I shampooed and conditioned with Schwarzkopf Fiber Force , rinsed and towel dried. I then toned ends with Schwartzkopf Viviance 9-0 & 9,5-4 using 13 vol. Styled and Finished with Schwarzkopf Osis fiber light texture and flexible session spray. Wah-la!”

Voila indeed! Linda left with a beautiful new look, and you can see from the pictures just how far she came in just one session.

What do you think of her makeover? Let us know in the comments section below!